Bakeries and Other Industry

What is the secret behind tasteful and healthy bakery products? It is among other things natural processing aids which provide a beautiful colour and an airy crumb. These processing aids we deliver and they can be added either directly to doughs or to different bread flour mixes and they do not need to be marked with the E-symbol.

Our product choice includes:

  • Dried yeast for baking
  • Dried yeast for making malt beverages
  • Enzymes for baking
  • Elintarvikev√§ri
  • Malt
  • Cereal fibres and brans

Centage Crown Instant Dried Yeast

Centage Crown Instant yeast is fresh yeast in a dried form. Due to its manufacturing method the yeast keeps fresh longer. Because the quality of Centage Crown Instant yeast does not vary the baking result will always be equally good which helps to avoid losses.

It is easy to use dried yeast; it can be mixed in flour or it can be stirred in dough. When Centage Crown Instant comes into contact with water it starts to work quickly like fresh yeast. Because the yeast has a fine structure it is easily soluble and will not get lumped. This yeast is easy to dose and it is applicable for a machine-made dosing. Centage Crown Instant yeast does not need any special circumstances when transported and stored.