Enzymes for Biofuels

The production of biofuel ethanol is increasing significantly in the world. Thanks to the development of the enzymes it is possible to produce ethanol economically reasonably from various raw materials containing cellulose. Being a part of this development HK-Import Oy is the sales agency of Genencor International in the Nordic countries which is a pioneer when developing enzymes for enzymatic hydrolysis for second-generation bioethanol production. So that the enzymes can work optimal and effective a pre-treatment for biomass is needed. This pre-treatment can be thermal or chemical. The treatment is continued with help of enzymatic hydrolysis performed by multifunctional enzymes which have optimized cellulase, xylanase and beta-glucosidase activities. The outcome of this is a sugar solution which after yeast fermentation converts to pure alcohol. These enzymes we are proud to offer.