Enzymes for Grain and Starch Processing Industry

For needs of grain and starch processing industry HK-Import Oy markets Genencor International’s enzymes which are manufactured in Belgium and in the USA. The enzymes we deliver are among other things developed to catalyse the conversion of starch into fermentable sugars. When distilling the alcohol enzymes reduce the viscosity during the evaporation, improve the ability for thermal transfer and reduce equipment fouling. When manufacturing starch our filtration enzymes improve viscosity and thereby total yield.

Our product choice include:

  • Alpha amylase enzymes: working even at very low pH-values and/or at high temperatures
  • Glucoamylase enzymes: can contain secondary protease activity or other secondary activity
  • Beta glucanase enzymes: working even at high temperatures
  • Cellulase enzymes: available even mixtures with high xylanase and arabinoxylanase activity which are appropriate for degrading different hardly soluble raw materials

We also offer other enzymes for different uses which are adjustable according to the starch source and to the process circumstances. The products we deliver can be either traditionally manufactured enzymes without any genetically modified organisms or they can be gene-modified precision enzymes. Most of the products have Kosher and/or Halal certificates.