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Enzymes are proteins which are produced with help of biotechnological means by modifying strains of mould, bacterium or fungus. They work as biological catalysts which accelerate chemical reactions and help to convert raw materials to final goods. In the food industry the enzymes are used for instance in beverage, dairy and baking industry. In the beverage industry substance containing starch is hydrolysed into sugars and it is even fermented at the same time nowadays. The result of the process is an alcoholic beverage. In the brewing industry beta glucanase, cellulase and hemicellulase are used to decrease the viscosity of wort and the gluten content. It is a way to improve the filtering capability and to reduce the opacity. In the baking industry it is possible to improve the dough handling with the help of enzymes which cuts the processing time and saves energy. Enzymes can be the solution if you wish to increase the volume of bread, to improve the texture of the crumb or to extend the shelf life of bread and to replace the emulsifiers and fermenters. Please explore our wide product choice.