Tuotteet / Paperi ja selluloosa: Pääkuva

Paper and Pulp Industry

Tuotteet / Paperi ja selluloosa: Pääsisältö

HK-Import Oy delivers products not only for food industry but also for paper and pulp industry.


Our product choice include:

  • Alpha amylase enzyme
  • Cellulase/ Hemi-cellulase


Alpha amylase enzyme

Alpha amylase enzyme is used in the manufacturing of surface size starch for copy and offset paper qualities. Alpha amylase is used in the manufacturing for coating starch as well.


Cellulase / Hemi-cellulase

Lignins colour fibres brown. Our enzymes which degrade lignin make it possible to replace chemical bleach with environmentally friendlier biobleach. Cellulases degrade as well water binding parts of fibres and make it easier to remove water from the mass in the final stage of paper manufacturing.